Ride Heads Up: Trail Sabotage in Eagle, Colorado

Photo: Jesse Horton? / Mountain Bike Eagle Facebook Page
All Photos: Jesse Horton? / Mountain Bike Eagle Facebook Page

Riders in and around the Eagle, CO area: keep your wits about you out on the singletrack, as you could encounter booby traps. Traps have been discovered on the Dirt Surfer trail. Here’s the original posting:

“I want to share this alert for anyone riding Dirt Surfer in Eagle. These were found on the trail today and the police department has been notified. The items were left in place for the PD to see and hopefully find any clues as to who would do this. Be careful in the meantime. Who knows what other trails may have been sabotaged.” -Jesse Horton

If you see any other signs of traps, be sure to report them to the local authorities.

Read the latest update on this issue, from Monday, October 31, 2016, here.