Photo: Jesse Horton? / Mountain Bike Eagle Facebook Page

All Photos: Jesse Horton? / Mountain Bike Eagle Facebook Page

Riders in and around the Eagle, CO area: keep your wits about you out on the singletrack, as you could encounter booby traps. Traps have been discovered on the Dirt Surfer trail. Here’s the original posting:

“I want to share this alert for anyone riding Dirt Surfer in Eagle. These were found on the trail today and the police department has been notified. The items were left in place for the PD to see and hopefully find any clues as to who would do this. Be careful in the meantime. Who knows what other trails may have been sabotaged.” -Jesse Horton

If you see any other signs of traps, be sure to report them to the local authorities.

Read the latest update on this issue, from Monday, October 31, 2016, here.




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  • bikerboy13

    Wow!! I can’t believe people do this!! iT is soo horrible , I can’t really see why people hate us soooo much..

  • Joel DH

    It really is hard to believe someone would do that on purpose. I think it might be just some teenagers acting stupid. Like: “hey, I have an idea, lets go make the bikers fall off their bikes! Wouldn’t that be funny to watch!” I could see that happening. However, sometimes it really is done because of bike hate. That lady who got arrested in Oregon a few years back was setting spike filled boards on trails and covering them with leaves. She was finally arrested after she was caught on a trail camera booby trapping the trail. Crazy.

    • Tim Ogden

      Umm, they’ll take that under advisement.

    • Joel DH

      Um…maybe attempted assault? How would you charge someone for this? Placing of foreign objects meant to tear asunder and/or destroy and harm?

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