One half of the 2009 IMBA Trail Crew

Meet Jason and Inga – they’re one of two IMBA Trail Crew teams that will be coming to a trail near you in 2009. Armed with a brand new Subaru and two Gary Fisher Roscoe mountain bikes, Jason and Inga will travel North America to lead trail work sessions, meet with land managers, and connect with IMBA-affiliated mountain bike clubs to improve local MTB opportunities. Sounds like a dream job to me, and Jason and Inga are living the dream.

I’m also stoked to find Jason’s website, – sounds like a site I could get into 😉 Seriously though, for some of us it’s all about the trails and the ride and at times bike stuff just seems to get in the way. Actually I’m starting to come around on this philosophy – it’s not bike stuff I hate, it’s high maintenance, low quality bike stuff that’s frustrating. Spend the cash and most times you’ll end up with components you don’t have to think about so you can just get out and ride. Right on!