Mountain Bike Destination: Big Bear Lake and Davis, West Virginia

Nearby Places to Ride

While there are enough trails to have fun for a weekend just at Big Bear, there’s also plenty of other great riding within an hour’s drive.

On our way down, we stopped at Fork Run, MD, which was a mix of flow, techy rock sections, and punchy climbs. There are currently about 10 miles of trail, with more in the works. It’s a great spot to stop for a quick ride, and only about a half hour from Big Bear.

Fork Run, MD.
All smiles at Fork Run.

The Margroff Tract is also nearby, just outside of Accident, MD. It’s another quick ride, with about 8 miles of trail. We didn’t ride here this time around, but reviewers say that “it’s fun and diverse.” It looks like another great spot to stop if you have limited time, or want an easier ride.

Coopers Rock is another highly-rated trail system that’s a quick half-hour drive from the campground. It would be easy to spend more than just a day here, as there are about 50 miles of trail, but it also makes a great day trip from Big Bear for a long ride. There are some easier trails, but many of them boast tons of rocks and plenty of long climbs followed by “bone-rattling” descents. Roadside Trail offers an easy 6-mile ride, but more skilled riders should be sure to check out Rock City.

Quebec Run is located in southern Pennsylvania, about 40 minutes from Big Bear. There are about 20 miles of trails, and they are tough, but rewarding. Big climbs equal big descents, and there are plenty of rock gardens, stream crossings, and scenic overlooks to boot. This is prime territory for another long, hard day of riding.

We also took a day to head down to Davis, WV, which is a mountain biking destination all in itself. It’s about a hour away from Big Bear. We rode the CVI Trails, including Moon Rocks, an exposed, gnarled rock formation at the top of a mountain, which was both beautiful and technically-challenging. After riding, we filled our bellies with delicious burritos from Hellbenders, and checked out Blackwater Bikes across the street before heading back to the campground.

The top of Moon Rocks just outside of Davis, WV.
The top of Moon Rocks just outside of Davis, WV.

Other Things To Do

Big Bear Lake and Campground is a great spot for a family vacation, and there’s plenty to do besides mountain bike. The trails are friendly to hikers as well as cyclists, if you need a break from two wheels. Within the campground itself, the lake offers swimming facilities, and there’s even a waterpark. The Country Store sells snacks and ice cream for when you get the munchies.

There is plenty of good rock climbing at Fork Run and Coopers Rock, and the Youghiogheny River is close by if you want a whitewater paddling adventure. Deep Creek Lake offers flatwater boating of both the motorized and non-motorized variety.

The towns of McHenry and Accident are about a half hour away, and offer a variety of restaurants and bars. We went to the cute and quaint MoonShadow Cafe in Accident one night for dinner, drinks, and live music, and then popped into the lakeside Honi-Honi Bar for one last drink of the night. We also swung by Mountain State Brewing Company for some pizza and brews one evening.

For more information about camping at Big Bear, check out their website. Also, be sure to like the Big Bear Trail Center Facebook Page for updates on events and other happenings, and consider checking out one of the races or coming to ride for a weekend. And if you run into Jeff or Annie, expect some awesome hospitality in addition to an epic ride.

Thanks to the folks at Big Bear Lake Family Camplands for providing discounted lodging during my trip.

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