IMBA Epic Nominations Now Open


IMBA Epic Copper Harbor Trails. Photo posted by copperhippie.

The International Mountain Bike Association is gearing up to pick its 2010 class of “Epic” mountain bike trails and anyone can submit their nomination online. If you’ve ever wondered how IMBA chooses its “Epics”, here’s a little peek into the selection criteria from IMBA Communications Director Mark Eller:

Many Epics are remote backcountry journeys that feature adventurous riding and incredible vistas. We also spotlight riding opportunities that break the mold and deliver innovative solutions, like Ray’s Indoor Bike Park. The essential components of great trails include engaged land managers, skilled trailbuilders, community involvement and dedicated volunteers, so many Epics feature engaging backstories that highlight these elements.

The nomination form is fairly lengthy and asks for some pretty specific information so it’s a good idea to do your homework before submitting a recommendation. On average about 5 Epics are added to the list each year so competition is sure to be stiff!

Now that we have a little more info on how trails become IMBA Epics, the question is: Can a trail lose its Epic status due to a lack of attention from local clubs, trailbuilders, and riders? If so I may have a nomination right here in Georgia…

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