Find MTB Trails for Night Riding + NiteRider Badge

How to find mountain bike trails at night, and recognition for the riders who bike in the dark the most.

While the shortest day of the year is thankfully behind us, it’s still almost 2 months until we get that extra hour of daylight riding back. For many of us, mountain biking doesn’t stop just because it gets dark–and Singletracks and NiteRider are here to help!

Last fall we asked our members to help us identify mountain bike trails that are open for riding at night, and we were able to flag hundreds of trails around the world. Here’s how you can find night-legal trails no matter where you ride.

On the Web

When you’re viewing trails within a city, state, or country, look for the “Night Riding” graphic on the right side of the page under “Narrow Your Results.” You’ll also see the night riding graphic on individual trail pages in the “Trail Highlights” section.


In the Singletracks mobile app, drill down by state or country and click “Filter results” to find the night riding button. This will limit the list of results to trails that allow night riding. You’ll also find the night riding graphic on trail detail pages where applicable.

One quick note: since all trails have different rules regarding night riding, we’re defining trails open to night riding as trails that are a) open for at least 2 hours after dark and b) open 7 days a week to all comers (no special permits or group leaders required). For trail systems that only offer limited night riding, many clubs are adding that info via our free event calendar (see Big Creek night rides).

If you notice a trail on Singletracks that is open for night riding that hasn’t been identified, drop us a note via the helpdesk or use the “correct/update” link on the right side of the trail page.

Night Ride Check-in Badge

Check in at two mountain bike trails after 9pm and you’ll earn the NiteRider badge in the Singletracks Trail Challenge! Use our mobile app to check-in and look for more ways to earn badges as we roll out new Singletracks Trail Challenge features this year.

Your Turn: When was the last time you went mountain biking at night?