Evergreen Delivers the Washington MTB Trail Love ❤️

The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance creates, maintains, and protects sustainable mountain bike opportunities in Washington state.
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Yvonne Kraus is the executive director of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, a mountain bike organization dedicated to creating, maintaining, and protecting sustainable mountain biking opportunities in Washington. Evergreen, if you don’t know,  is one of the largest, if not the largest, statewide mountain bike association in the US with 8 regional chapters and thousands of members.

  • How did Evergreen get its start?
  • How does Evergreen divide responsibilities between its chapters and the top-level organization?
  • How have the challenges facing mountain bikers in Washington changed since the group was first formed?
  • What are some of the most popular trail systems in the state?
  • What does e-bike trail access look like in the state of Washington currently? 
  • Do you have any new MTB trails in the planning stage, or currently under construction?
  • Is there much of a push for mountain bike tourism in Washington?
  • What are the primary funding sources for Evergreen?
  • What’s the biggest constraint that Evergreen faces in carrying out and growing the mission?
  • What’s next for Evergreen?

Connect with the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and find was to support the group at evergreenmtb.org.

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