Epic Alabama mountain bike trail in the making


I’ve had the Oak Mountain State forest / BUMP trail near Birmingham, AL on my wishlist for quite a while now but after reading this I’m not sure how much longer I can wait to ride there! This past weekend the 14th annual Bump and Grind mountain bike race was held at the trails with more than 500 participants, making it perhaps the largest mountain bike race in the southeast. Who says there aren’t huge MTB events on the east coast? (actually, I think I said this earlier in the year, will have to check out the Bump and Grind next year 😉 )

The article goes on to mention that the Oak Mountain trails will be extended from 17 to 25 miles in the next year or so with hopes of garnering IMBA ‘epic trail’ status which is pretty incredible. Looking over the list there are no IMBA epics in Alabama at the moment so this trail could be the first. I’m hoping to make the 2 and half hour drive from Atlanta sometime this summer or fall to check out the trails for myself, stay tuned for an official ride report!