End Singletrack Prohibition: Donate to the IMBA Legal Fund

Recent IMBA release:

Can you believe mountain bikers are still treated as second-class citizens? First, we were accused of speeding erosion. Then, we were labeled a “dangerous menace” and kept at bay under the guise of liability concerns. IMBA has dispelled false allegations, developed risk management tools and reopened trails-but a new danger looms.

Now, alarming singletrack prohibitions threaten to oust mountain bikers from coveted trails and classic riding areas. Will you help defend against lawsuits and policies that relegate us to less savory roads and motorized routes?

Please donate to IMBA’s Legal Fund today! Contributors of $35 or more will receive IMBA’s solid-rubber Iconic Coaster Set in thanks for helping protect iconic trails.

Here are some of the uses of the IMBA legal fund:

  • Introduce land conservation policies that mountain bikers can enjoy and support.
  • Convince land managers to treat mountain biking as a quiet, human powered activity, not grouped with fuel-burning, licensed, motor vehicles.
  • Negotiate bike friendly land protection where Wilderness designations, which categorically exclude bikes, are considered. IMBA believes trail access for mountain bikes and land protection are compatible-even synergistic.
  • Send IMBA staff to the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C., where decisions affect land use, trail funding and ultimately access for mountain bikers.
  • Use factual research to defend against ill-founded claims that mountain bikers cause excessive environmental impact, are incompatible with other trail users or pose a liability risk.

IMBA does a ton of work behind the scenes to make it possible for all of us to ride some amazing trails around the US. Please consider donating or becoming a member at IMBA.com.