Pro Mountain Biker and Coach Rab Wardell on Chasing the Dream

photo: Joolze Dymond.

Rab Wardell is a mountain bike athlete and coach living in Glasgow, Scotland. He recently launched a new video series with Wahoo Fitness called Old Enough to Know Better.

In this episode, we ask Rab:

  • How did a big early race loss affect your outlook on your career as an athlete? What was it like to essentially retire in your early 20s? What did you decide to do instead?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes that stand out as being the ones where you learned the most?
  • As an athlete, are there ways to learn beyond just personal experience?
  • What risks are involved in becoming a professional athlete?
  • What types of normal, everyday things have you decided to cut out of your life to focus on racing? How much of it feels like a sacrifice? Were there any times when friends or family members suggested you grow up and get a “real job”?
  • What competitive advantages do you have at your age?
  • Why is play important? Are there ways you’ve found to incorporate play into your training?
  • What do you hope to be doing on the bike at age 50, or even 70? At 36, are there things you still have left to learn and experience?

Watch the Old Enough to Know Better series on YouTube and connect with Rab on Instagram @rabwardell

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