News: MTB Clinics for Women (The Stronger Gender) with VIDA MTB

VIDA_PR_5We’ve been wondering when the dates for the VIDA MTB series would be announced, and today they have been. Which is not all that surprising, considering there was an announcement about this announcement. That announcement announced that those dates would be announced today, Jan 30. And, we’re happy to announce, they were.

Why all the announcing? Well, it’s exciting. The VIDA MTB series is a string of clinics to help build riding skills for the stronger gender: women.

Here’s Elena Forchieli, vice president and marketing director of Vida Events, Inc:

For those looking for an epic weekend, our Signature 2-day Clinic will take your riding to the next level. This immersive experience gives you the opportunity to connect with your coaches and dive into the nitty-gritty when it comes to proper form on the bike. What’s more, your coaches will help you gain the confidence you need to tackle the next challenge. The second day gives you the chance to seal in and perfect everything you’ve worked on.

static1.squarespaceIf you’re a woman and you want to take your already bad self and make it even badder on knobby tires, check out VIDA MTB. They may have an event near you, although, we note that the force of excitement surrounding today’s news appears to have made their web site slower than… well, slower than my riding.

We’re sure it’ll be back soon though:

In the meantime, here’s the schedule:

  • March 7-8, Sedona, AZ, VIDA Signature 2-day Clinic
  • May 16, 17, Valmont Bike Park, Boulder, CO, 2x VIDA Core 1-day Clinics
  • June 13, Lakewood, CO, VIDA Core 1-day Clinic at the Beti Bike Bash
  • June 20-21, Keystone, CO, VIDA Signature 2-day Clinic
  • August 15-16, Colorado resort TBD, VIDA Signature 2-day Clinic
  • August 29-30, Duluth, MN, VIDA Signature 2-day Clinic

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