MTB Confidence, Motivation, and Mental Skills Training with Dr. Kristin E. Keim

Sports psychologist Dr. Kristin E. Keim explains how mental skills training can lead to a winning mindset and shares tips for developing confidence after a crash.
Photo: Mina von Feilitzsch Photography

Dr. Kristin E. Keim is a sports psychologist and a member of the US Olympic Committee Sport Psychology and Mental Training Registry. She has helped countless individual athletes and teams achieve their goals using a holistic, strength-based approach to sports psychology. (Click here for Dr. Keim’s complete bio).

In this interview, we ask Dr. Keim:

  • What are some of the areas where athletes like mountain bikers face mental challenges?
  • Is it common for athletes to incorporate mental skills training into their preparations?
  • Do you have any tips for helping folks get through a tough workout, or even just a really tough part of a ride?
  • Is positive visualization an important part of developing a winning mindset?
  • What are some things that make it tough to stay motivated?
  • Are there any shortcuts to developing confidence? How do we get it back after a crash?
  • Is happiness connected to athletic performance?
  • Do you get nervous before a race or competition? How do you calm your nerves?

Connect with Dr. Keim and find out about the services she offers through Keim Performance Consulting at

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