How to Know if You’re Overtraining with Coach Dee Tidwell

We ask professional coach Dee about overtraining, cardio, eMTB fitness, strength training, and if mountain biking is the new golf.

Dee Tidwell is a professional coach and the founder of Train to Ride which provides cycling-specific training programs and plans for mountain biking, road, gravel, and moto riding. He’s also a two time Big Mountain Enduro Master’s Champ and has worked with countless professional athletes including members of the Yeti/Fox Factory professional EWS race team.

We ask Dee:

  • What is the Performance Pyramid, and how does it work? Walk us through each level.
  • Is it OK to skip some of the lower levels and jump right to the top?
  • How electric mountain bike riding and racing this differ from more traditional mountain bike training?
  • Do you find that people really hate cardio so much that they avoid training altogether? Is equipment cost an excuse people use for not working on getting stronger?
  • Is soft tissue therapy something folks can work on at home with foam rollers and massage guns, or is this one area where working with a physical or massage therapist in person is beneficial?
  • Have you seen a shift in the mix of your clients over the years between racers and folks who just want to ride for fun?
  • What are the risks associated with over training? How do you know if you’re over training?
  • Why is full body strength so important for mountain biking?
  • How are golf and cycling related in terms of fitness and mobility? Is it true that mountain biking is the new golf?
  • How can riders deal with pain and fatigue on long rides?
  • How does a lack of strength or fitness contribute to our risk for injury?
  • What can we do to have more fun on the mountain bike next season?

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