Bikehacking Week Is Here!

Have you heard of the website If not, I really recommend that you click on over and check it out. Lifehacker is all about helping you create a better life, whether that be by giving you simple “hacks” to do mundane household tasks more easily, or by providing detailed analyses of complex issues like finances, education, psychology, etc. that affect all of our lives.

Honestly, I find what they’re doing inspiring, and I dig their content. Because really, isn’t that what most of us are looking for when we hit the internet? Personally, the first thing I do when I want to learn about a topic or get information on something I’m interested in is hit Google and type in a question, or go directly to a source I trust (like Lifehacker).

Photo: Griff Wigley
Photo: Griff Wigley

So this week we’re maxing out on bikehacking content! We’re here to help you create a better mountain biking life, whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or a seasoned rider who’s been around for decades. Our topics will include everything from basic beginner info up to more complex tips and how-tos.

Now, we know that not every article will be applicable to every reader. If a topic seems to basic to you… well, skip it. I definitely don’t read every article on Lifehacker! While we’re going to publish a bunch of beginner topics, some of these how-tos are more complex and are quite applicable to riders who’ve been pedaling for decades. Oh, and expect to still some rad shredding videos this week 🙂

If you really aren’t digging bikehacker week, don’t fear: we’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled blend of content next week… but as you know, that still definitely includes articles and videos that embrace the bikehacking ethos.

Get ready to hack your mountain biking!