Zoic Arm in Arm Warmers Review

The time of unpredictable weather and extreme temperature differences is here. Across the nation, riders are dealing with cool or downright frigid temperatures, and are looking for ways to stay warm. Recently, I rode my bike to work in the morning when it was 26 degrees, and rode home in the late afternoon with temps in the 50s. Unpredictability and large temperature fluctuations mean that layering is a must, and packable but warm pieces such as arm and leg warmers come in handy.

The Zoic Arm in Arm warmers are actually my first pair. Quite frankly, I’d never really thought about using arm warmers before. But once I tried the Arm in Arms, I was hooked! They’ve become a staple in my pack or frame bag this fall, and I cannot speak enough to their usefulness. They’ve prevented me from having to carry a whole extra shirt on those not-sure-how-to-dress days, and they’re easy enough to stuff somewhere and forget about until the weather gets a little chilly and they are needed.


The warmers from Zoic are comfortable, made of breathable and moisture-wicking polyester and spandex, and come in a variety of colors to match your style, whether it’s bold or subdued. My gray ones go with everything (not that I’m a pillar of fashion either on or off the bike).

Photo: Jarrod Bunk
Photo: Jarrod Bunk

MSRP: $35

Thank you to Zoic for providing me with the Arm in Arm warmers to review.

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