WTB Silverado Syndicate Saddle

Did you ever have one of those times where you just couldn’t bear to wait for something? For me, I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the WTB Silverado Syndicate saddle and wouldn’t you know it..I managed to get not just one but two! Yep, WTB released the Syndicate in white with black print as well as black with white print and I snagged one of each.

What’s the big deal with the Silverado Syndicate saddle? Well for starters it’s an exact replica of the saddle the Santa Cruz race team uses. I don’t have a Santa Cruz mountain bike yet but the saddle may just find itself on one sometime soon… In the meantime, the saddle matches both my present rides perfectly and has all the features I want and need.

The covering on the Syndicate is not your typical leather covering because, although durable and comfortable, leather is not so great for DH/FR bikes. Big bikes are prone to falls, water, and mud and none of that is good for leather. The nylon covering on the Syndicate is actually a much better choice.

The Syndicate comes with titanium rails and a nylon frame and weighs in at about 220 grams, not too bad considering competing saddle weights. Speaking of the saddle frame, WTB incorporates comfort zone technology and flex tuning here for maximum rideability. At the tip of the saddle you have a cut-out for some pressure relief plus additional cut-outs to protect on your sensitive pelvic region. The addition of the “Love Channel” further improves pressure relief and comfort while also encouraging air flow when you’re just off the saddle. The long slim shape (133mm x 274mm) helps move the rider’s mass forward while staying seated which is helpful on those longer XC/Trail climbs.

Installing the Silverado Syndicates on my DH and FR rigs was a great choice. For one thing, the longer saddle and narrowish width works well with my riding style. On my rigs I tend to install saddles with a tip up attitude simply due to the fact that the bike is most always pointing down slope and the tip up attitude tends to counter the push forward you would normally feel if the saddle was set parallel to the ground.

I also rode one of the Syndicates on my trail bike for a while to get a good indication of how well it works on extended rides. In every case the saddle worked great. It is a bit stiff but not all that stiff; for a beginner I would say wait a while before purchasing one of these. This is, after all, a performance saddle and not one of those mushroom cushy beginner saddles you would find on a something from a chain store. After seasoning your butt and building up a good mileage base, you may be ready for something like this.

The DNA padding on this saddle ranges from 4-12mm in thickness, and after some time the DNA padding gives a bit and takes shape. For a saddle on a DH bike this thing really finishes the look on a bike but more importantly, it performs great. Even off big drops and all kinds of “off slope” excursions, the rails and cover are holding strong with no sign of abrasion or bending.

The Silverado Syndicate sells for about $130 and can be found in stores now. Check it out.

Thanks to Chris and the folks at WTB for sending down the Silverado Syndicates for review.