WMW Fat Bikes Launches Chub Bike With IndieGoGo Campaign

Photo: Chub via IndieGoGo campaign page.
Photo: Chub via IndieGoGo campaign page.

For many riders, a fat bike is a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…) mountain bike so affordability is important. Chub (not to be confused with the hub brand) is offering what they claim is “the best value in fat tire bikes” via an IndieGoGo campaign that’s live right now.

Early backers get a complete aluminum Chub fat bike for $429 with free shipping within the continental US. Initially WMW included an additional shipping charge for purchases but when I mentioned that competitors didn’t charge for shipping, the company was quick to make shipping free for the lower 48. Clearly WMW is willing to do what it takes to keep prices competitive! The full retail price for the Chub fat bike is targeted at $599 so the early backer discount is fairly significant.

Judging by the photos, the Chub bikes look pretty sharp. Each bike ships with an entry-level–but mostly solid–component mix and the company claims the average weight will come in around 34 pounds. There’s also a 20″ kids version of the Chub called the Chubbie which is being offered at $439.

There are currently zero backers for the campaign after seven days which could indicate that the industry is in a bit of a fat bike bubble. 🙂 Also, the $35 tail light and $60 headlight “perks” available for purchase are a little dubious since similar lights appear to be offered on Amazon.com for around $5 and $20 respectively.

If you’re looking to score a rigid fat bike on a budget, consider the Chub but also be sure to take a look at our budget fat bike buyer’s guide. Saddle up with an entry-level fat bike to see what the buzz is about. And just like when you first started mountain biking, you’ll find yourself hooked and ready to upgrade in no time!

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