Wildskins Arm Warmers Review

Wildskins sent me two pairs of arm warmers–the Fun Geo Metric and the Starry Night–just in time for our trip to Tahoe this summer.  I knew at some point on that trip I’d be looking for a little extra warmth for my arms!

Unlike my other arm warmers, which are plain black, Wildskins come in a variety of colors and styles like:

Green Galaxy & Shimmer and Swirl

On our Tahoe trip I did use the arm warmers, but only under my windbreaker during a cold, wet downhill section.  I wore them in camp a few times as well.  More recently I tried them out on a chilly morning on the Western Rim trail.

Me in my starry night Wildskin arm warmers.

The arm warmers have several features that I like:  a tiny pocket for holding a car key if you’re out running or on a short bike ride when you don’t need a pack.  They also have thumbholes, so they help to keep your hands warm as well.

Even better, I can still easily wear my gloves with the arm warmers on.

I should have been wearing the Fun Geo Metric ones for this.  They would have matched my gloves!

Of course it hasn’t been super cold yet, but even on my Tahoe trip the arm warmers didn’t seem to be particularly warm. There is no thermal inner lining to hold in heat, so I think they’re more suitable as windbreakers than actual arm warmers.  If they are used as a second layer, like when worn under a light windbreaker or rain coat, they do seem to provide some extra warmth.

Also, as you can see in the first picture, the arm warmers were a bit snug on my upper arms.  In fact, I had already cut the seam a little bit based on previous wear.  Sure you don’t want the arm warmers to fall down, and they are one-size fits all, but for me they were tight.  On smaller people, like my friend Adelle, the arm warmers fit just fine.

Overall I think if you’re headed out in a light drizzle and just want a small extra layer for your arms these could work.  They’ll be especially great at dusk or dawn when their flashy colors will make you more noticeable if you’re riding in traffic.

For colder days, though, in the dead of winter, I think arm warmers with thermal fleece are still your best bet.

Thanks to Wildskins for letting us review these flashy arm warmers!  I’ll be making use of mine in early fall and spring.

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