What Should Riders Call Non-Electric Bikes? [Survey]

Back in my day, a mountain bike was a mountain bike…

Words are weird, and it seems like the lingo mountain bikers use is in constant flux. Not only that, but whenever something new comes out, the original thing is often the one that ends up getting a new name. Take hardtails, for example. We’re pretty sure that term didn’t exist until there were full-suspension bikes that didn’t have hard tails.

With electric mountain bikes, riders find themselves at a similar crossroads. The Singletracks staff has been internally debating how to best distinguish traditional mountain bikes from their electric progeny in our writing. Like it or not, as the previous sentence illustrates, it’s no longer enough to just say ‘mountain bike’ and assume folks know you’re only talking about the non-electric ones.

More food for thought: Most of the choices in the survey above have either a positive or negative connotation, depending on your perspective. While terms like non-electric are decidedly more neutral, they’re also clunky.