Void Cycling Range Riding Pants Fit Superbly and Add Tough Protection

The Void Range mountain bike pants fit like a good pair of jeans.

Riding pants are a key piece of equipment to add warmth on high alpine adventures or extra skin protection in the bike park. On wet days they will also keep riders’ calves and kneepads mud-free, speeding up the cleanup process at the end of the trail.

The Range pants, form Sweden’s Void Cycling, offer the necessary protection and warmth needed to enjoy cooler rides, and they do it with a subtle style that the brand is becoming well known for. The Range fit as well as any pair of jeans I have found, and I have never had so many fellow riders ask me where they can get a pair of cool pants like mine.

Void also has a well-designed range of jerseys to choose from.

The tailored fit of the Range pants is similar to a looser pair of skinny jeans, with ample room for the material to stretch over large kneepads and hip pads if you so desire. Without pads, the fabric is tight enough that they don’t flap around excessively at speed, nor get caught on things easily. The ankle cuffs are fairly taut, keeping them well out of reach of the drivetrain.

The main shell of the Range is made of 96% Nylon and 4% Lycra, affording them just enough stretch so they don’t rip when hitting the deck, but not so much that they feel like loose spandex. Across the seat and upper rear thighs, a piece of waterproof polyester keeps the trail-spray on the outside, and makes the pants more robust where they are most likely to wear out first.

There is a large zippered pocket on either hip, with a second mesh pocket sewn against the leg for additional sorting. In the fight for bagless riding, these are necessary features. The long pockets provide enough space for a mobile, keys, snacks, and a few other flat items.

A pair of velcro straps on the waist make the pants adjustable to a wide variety of body sizes, and the size small I tested fits perfectly with the straps about halfway. At the front, the pants are held shut with a snap, a piece of velcro, a clasp, and a zipper. Void is not messing around about keeping these pants on.

Laser cut ventilation holes along the crotch and upper thighs help to cool things down.

The high-waisted back fabric keeps the dirt on the trail and out of the pants, and a silicone strip inside holds the waist in place.

At $140, Void’s Range pants are a fantastic piece of gear that should last through several seasons of abuse. They will work well to keep you dry in a light rain, or on days cooler than 60° F (15° C), and they handily look good enough to wear to the bar or cafe. For true wet weather trousers, check out Void’s Proof pants.

We would like to thank Void for sending the Range trousers along for review. 

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