Visualizing Your Mountain Bike Rides

Scott Morris over at TopoFusion posted up a cool video visualizing thousands of mountain bike rides he’s taken starting from his Tucson, AZ home. For those who don’t know, Scott is a self-described “bikepacker, GPSer, and desert dwelling MTBer” and a driving force behind the Arizona Trail 300 race we mentioned in our post about multi-day MTB races last week. Anyway, on to the video:

Note the timer at the bottom of the screen showing the length of the rides – some of the longer sessions break the 12 hour mark handily. A few of the dots seem to get stuck in various locations (mechanical problems?) while others simply vanish from the map (shuttle ride?).

Mountain bikers like Scott are fortunate to have access to singletrack (and mountains!) within riding distance of their homes and in fact some of us have been discussing the idea of “riding to the ride” on the forums lately. Hopefully this video will help motivate all of us to explore the rides right outside our front doors!