When you think of Camelbak, you might not necessarily think of innovation. Sure, every year Camelbak gives us new pack colors and more pockets but many of the best selling packs have been around for years. In 2010 however, Camelbak is stepping on the gas and cranking the innovation to 10!

Digital flow meters. One of the biggest complaints Camelbak users have lodged over the years is that it’s tough to know how much water is left inside the hidden reservoir. The Camelbak Flow Meter, which can be attached to any existing Camelbak hose system, solves the problem and gives you an avalanche of data and display options to maximize your hydration awareness. Just enter the amount of water in your reservoir and your weight and the Flow Meter will tell you how much water you’ve consumed, how much you have left, and if you’re over- or under-hydrating yourself. It even flashes a warning when you have less than 10 ounces left – time to turn around or refill!


Quick connect hoses. Cleaning out a Camelbak bladder is just about as fun as a root canal and fortunately the oversized fill cap has gone a long way toward making this less painful. This year, new quick connect hoses allow you to drain your Camelbak bladder more easily and make gunk removal a cinch.


New freeride packs. Camelbak has put a ton of thought into designing a new line of freeride/downhill packs that have some pretty cool features. Aside from straps for cinching body armor and an oversized pouch for carrying a full face helmet, the top of the line pack (the Don) features a see-through pouch for a lift pass and a spot on the shoulder straps for ipod ear buds. The reservoir holds 100 oz. which is perfect for all day sessions at the mountain.

Other cool stuff. Though not necessarily MTB-specific, Camelbak is introducing cycling jerseys with integrated hydration and a water bottle that claims to keep liquids cold 4-times longer than a standard water bottle – without adding weight or reducing capacity! We’ll keep you posted to see how this new tech finds its way into mountain-specific products.

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