Transition Updates the Patrol Enduro Bike with Mixed Wheels and 160mm of Travel

The updated Transition Patrol enduro bike goes mixed wheel, includes a flip chip, and plays well with coil shocks.
What would Hannah Bergemann do?

This most recent iteration of the Transition Patrol loses one of its 27.5″ wheels in favor of a mixed set and cuts 10mm of fork travel for an even 160mm. The brand’s first mixed-wheel, called the Dirtbag, had a 24″ rear and a 26″ front, and they have since supersized things for a faster flow. This new Transition Patrol frame is made from sturdy and recyclable 6061 aluminum, with a high and low position flip-chip, and a lifetime warranty. There’s also a threaded BB, a pair of pressed headset cups, and an accessory mount under the top tube.

Patrol owners have the option to bump up the rear wheel travel from 160 to 170mm by swapping the 205x60mm stock shock for a 205x65mm squisher. The frames have two different chainstay measurements to better balance their front triangle lengths, and either length is said to produce a suspension leverage curve that plays well with either coil or air shocks at 24% progression.

The BB drop on this bike is fairly average given its smaller rear wheel, at 22mm in the low position and 15mm in high. That flip chip doesn’t pull the head tube away from a DH-slack spot, with a 63.5° angle in the high position and 63° flipped to the low side. Reach measurements across the run range from 420 to 510mm in high and 415 to 505mm in low, with chainstay lengths on the small and medium frames reaching back 436mm in low position, and 442mm on the size large and XL bikes.

All of the Patrol frames will be shod with a Schwalbe Magic Mary up front and Big Betty at the rudder, OneUp droppers and bash guards, and a mix of Fox and RockShox suspension. Check the Transition website for further build details and pricing.