This Kids’ Bike has Automatic Shifting

Relax, parents. This kids' bike shifts automatically.
Photos: Woom

There are a lot of things going on when a kid learns to ride a bike. It can result in a lot of shouting from parents. “Now pedal! Watch the curb! Slow Down! Turn! Brake!”

Woom, a bike manufacturer specializing in kids’ bikes aims to take some of the complexity out of the process with the Woom Original 3 Automagic, a bike made for kids between the age of four and six. The Woom 3 Automagic has a lightweight frame, 16-inch wheels, and kid-specific geometry and components.

The bike has a two-speed automatic drivetrain with internal hub gearing. At 7MPH, the bike kicks into second gear with a centrifugal mechanism. The gears are housed inside a sealed hub in the rear wheel, protecting them from the elements and there is no shifter or gear cables, meaning minimal maintenance.

Earlier this year Shimano announced an automatic shift system for electric bikes, so clearly the concept is not just limited to young riders.

The bike weighs 13.2lbs without pedals, has wide, BMX-style handlebars and a steering-limiter, child-friendly brakes, a kid-specific saddle, and Schwalbe Little Joe tires.

The Woom Original 3 Automagic sells for $449.

What do you think: Is automatic shifting the future?