The Wilier Triestina Jaroon+ Is a Work of Art


I was cruising around the Interbike showroom floor, late for yet another appointment, but the Wilier Triestina Jaroon+ stopped me in my tracks. This mountain bike, while of questionable real world usefulness, is an inspired work of art! And heck, if I owned this bike, I’d be tempted to just hang it on my wall and leave it there.



The Jaroon+ features a double-butted Chro-moly steel frame with a thru-axle in the rear, paired with a bladed, carbon monocoque thru-axle fork (also Wilier-branded). The craftsmanship on this polished frame is immediately apparent, with clean lines and finished details. This clean look and the flawless seams are a direct result of a unique welding technique that hides all the welding material inside the frame, rather than displaying it for all to see on the outside.

A SRAM Force 1×11 drivetrain propels this rolling sculpture forward, with SRAM also providing stopping power via disc brakes.


Perhaps the most jarring yet inspired part of this masterpiece is the pairing of 29+ wheels and tires with drop bars in an elegant setting. The 3.0″ Maxxis Chronicles promise capable handling in chunky terrain, yet the woodchipper-style drop bars promise speed.

According to the posted sign, MSRP on this bike is $2,849–surprisingly affordable for a work of art. In our recent podcast, I believe I mentioned that you’d be lucky to get just the frame and fork for this amount, but based on the stock $2,700 build featured on Wilier’s website, you should be able to get this complete bike for that amount! Not bad!