The Velocio Trail Collection is Made for Riding Singletrack

The Velocio trail wear is made for riding singletrack.
Photo: Hannah Morvay

Does anyone evaluate bike clothing purchases the same way they shop for a bike? Let me elaborate. When I shop for clothing, I don’t shop for a “quiver-killing” kit, or a set of shorts and a jersey that would fit in on a gravel ride, on the trail, or in the bike park. Products are specialized, and for good reason. Sometimes a more weighty jersey makes us feel more comfortable on gravity trails, but ends up baking you on a long trail ride. In the opposite scenario, a skinsuit is always a bad choice for the bike park for obvious reasons.

Most of my own rides happen on moderate singletrack. Four out of five times, I’m on trails close to home, especially this summer, and that means that when I’m rummaging through my closet to find something for a lunch ride, something that sits dead in the middle feels exactly right, and that’s what I’ve come to love about the Velocio Trail kits. They are trail shirts and trail shorts made for singletrack.

Photo: Hannah Morvay

The Velocio Men’s Delta Long Sleeve is a fitted arm length jersey made from Polartec Delta fabric and recycled Polyster that works for chilly morning starts, or long days in the sun. The Delta L/S can keep the wind and the sun off of your arms, and is light enough to stay cool on hot days. In fact, Velocio says that the Delta fabric actively cools as you ride. I can’t verify this one, but it is also a solid choice for hotter rides. There is a drop tail for more coverage in the rear and the Polyester/Tencel mix, different than the short-sleeve jersey fabric, feels more like a Merino wool shirt. The jersey is available online at for men and women, and is priced at $99.

Photo: Hannah Morvay

The Micromodal Trail Tee (men’s and women’s versions available) is soft and thin and feels cool to the touch, like silk made for singletrack. Micromodal fibers are praised for their ability to wick moisture and bring moisture to the outside of the fabric, pulling it away from the skin and closer to the air. In all seriousness, some say that Micromodal is actually as soft, or softer than silk. The Trail Tee is very comfortable and light to wear, and although it does dry quickly, there are spots where the moisture can sit for a while. For me, that happens to be around my stomach after longer climbs while wearing the Trail Tee.

Photo: Hannah Morvay

Like the Trail Tee, the Trail shorts (available online for $159 in men’s and women’s styles) have an understated look to them, which I appreciate. The shorts keep the side door pockets, which Velocio has been using on their shorts. While it took me some getting used to the first time I wore them a few years ago, they put your phone and belongings right along the thigh so that the hip flexor can pedal and move without restraint. Velocio also redesigned the waist belt on the shorts with a thicker strap, which keeps them in place much better.

Reflective accents near the bottom. Photo: Hannah Morvay

My favorite thing about the shorts though is that they are light, with the perfect amount of material in the right places. Almost nothing is more frustrating on a long and technical ride than when your shorts are snagging the saddle, getting tangled up with things that they shouldn’t be, and falling down. These shorts stay in place and are some of the most comfortable I have for long singletrack outings.

Velocio also has a Trail Liner Bib which is very high performing. The chamois maintains its cushy feel on long rides, and the straps stay perfectly flat without ever feeling abrasive. A little cargo pocket on both legs makes a good spot to stash some Gu.

Lastly, I didn’t think I would get along with the Trail Glove, but it’s been working just as well as the rest of the kit. I am usually not a fan of padded palms on the underside of gloves, but there is a pretty minimal amount of padding on these, and it doesn’t interfere with my hand and the grips. Even though I received a black pair, the gloves are thin and cool off well, and are suited to hot summer days on the trail. However, at $80, the Trail Gloves are pricey.

Closing thoughts

Velocio makes great gear, and after wearing some of their stuff for close to two years now, the pieces are still just as functional and comfortable without any tears. I’m sure that this newest batch of Velocio Trail wear will stay in my rotation for the next few years. No, this stuff isn’t cheap, but it is high quality, and the 2020 Trail shorts, gloves, bib, and short and long-sleeve shirt are precisely what I’d look for in a kit that’s made for singletrack.

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