The Vecnum Nivo Dropper Uses a Mechanical Locking System at a Feathery Weight [Review]

The infinite travel mountain bike dropper post from Vecnum has 32mm of adjustable travel and is lightweight.

The Nivo Infinite dropper post from Vecnum eliminates a host of common seat post issues with its mechanical locking system, while offering 32mm of travel adjustment across four available lengths. It’s also one of the lightest posts on the market, with its main tubing machined from 7075 aluminum, resulting in the premium price of €429. To sprinkle a little sugar on the cupcake, Vecnum droppers are 100% made in Isny im Allgäu, Germany.

When Vecnum asked me to try their dropper last fall I was hesitant to reply. With little variation across brands, droppers are not often the most intriguing product to test. After reading about their unique approach to the ol’ get down stick, I decided to give the Nivo Infinite a shot, and I’m glad I did.

The shallow two-bolt saddle clamp and tight collar keep the stack height low at 42mm.

Vecnum designed their droppers with several unique features, intended to make them both lighter and more durable. First off, they eliminated the need to bleed or burp the internal system by using an air spring and mechanical locking mechanism to pop the post up and lock it in place. Apart from an annual cable and housing swap, the post should need little more maintenance than a good cleaning and occasional re-grease session.

A second standout feature is the ability to adjust the post’s travel by 32mm. Nivo Infinite posts come in 122, 152, 182, and 212mm travel lengths, which can be quickly adjusted by removing the saddle, turning a bolt in the clamp head, and sliding the post down to provide maximum drop to fit your frame and inseam measurements.

The Nivo includes a post clamp that tightens on either side for a more precise load balance. It can also be wrapped with a few different colored rubber bands at the collar to add flare if you like, but I couldn’t get them to stay in place so they went in the spare parts bin.

To simplify the numbers game a touch while keeping a keen eye on grams, the Nivo post only comes in a 30.9mm diameter, with gas-weight shims for 31.6 and 34.9mm seat tubes included. This method gives riders a post that will fit all three contemporary tube diameters while maintaining the lowest weight possible. Topped off with titanium clamp bolts at the head, remote lever, and post collar this is one of the lightest droppers on the market. For reference, the post alone is 65g lighter than the OneUp V2 dropper that we reviewed a while back, and the Nivo has a wider range of travel adjustment.

Set up and drop down

Wicked-simple install with the cable clamping at the remote. Post pressure is regulated under that black cap at the base.

This dropper could be installed in your sleep, taking about a tenth of the time that the original dropper posts demanded for setup. Run the housing, cut and cap it, insert the cable head, grease the frame, then the slide the post in, clamp and cut the cable. That’s it. I left the housing from the previous dropper in my frame when I installed this one, and the job took less than five minutes.

The cable anchor bolt on the Vecnum TrigLoc remote uses a 1.5mm hex key, which is not included in any of my multitools and is generally a pain to find. I’ll be swapping this out for a bolt with a 2mm head when it’s time to replace the cable.

I tested the 152mm post, and thankfully didn’t need to shorten its travel in order to fit my frame. I did test the Travel Fit adjustment and found it simpler and quicker to dial in than the competition.

The heavily machined Vecnum TrigLoc lever is uber light (17g), with quick and smooth action. Its 1.5-hex cable-clamp bolt could be swapped out for a more conventional size.

Riding with the Nivo Infinite post and TrigLoc lever is a treat. The post action is fluid smooth and just as fast as any other post, while the lever feel is notably light and sensitive. The mechanical Shutlock system halts the saddle where you want it by 4mm increments. I mostly keep my post in the fully up or down position, but the 4mm measurements offer plenty of precision when I just want the saddle to drop a little to clear a tricky climb segment or root bed.

Travel122, 152, 182, 212mm
Total extended length per size 391, 541, 511, 571mm
Reported weight per size397, 435, 473, 511g
PositionsInfinite, in 4mm increments
Stack height 42mm
Cable routingInternal only (External available on indexed models)
Remote price €78
Remote weight17g

The dropper’s overall action and return speed are lighter and faster than others I’ve tested, and it’s most comparable to that of a Fox Transfer. The lever feel is so sensitive that I caught myself being lazy with it on occasion. Once the Nivo felt intuitive, I would barely touch the remote which would only allow the post to raise or lower through a few of its 4mm increments. Similar to the light shifting action of Shimano’s XTR drivetrain, I had to consciously swing the lever until the post arrived where I wanted it; otherwise, its almost unnoticeable resistance was difficult for my subconscious to register. After a few rides where I kept the lever in mind my thumb sorted out the details and everything has worked well since.

Finally, I did experience an issue with the post creaking inside my frame, which lead me to remove and re-grease the entire rear end of the bike until I found the culprit. This could happen with any post, though it rarely does. The whole post and collar still wore the same grease that i had originally applied, so I wiped it off, reapplied, and my bike was silent once more.

Wrapping up

The Nivo Infinite post has preserved the same sideways movement that it had when I installed it, unnoticeable at roughly a millimeter. The sensitive remote action may not suit everyone, but I have appreciated how intuitive and forgettable it became after a couple rides. Apart from the price, which is arguably justified by the weight, materials, and manufacturing practices, my only grievance is the undersized anchor bolt on the remote — which is an easy fix. If you’re in the market for a lightweight new get down stick that you can service at home, the Nivo Infinite is a good one to scribble on the list of considerations.

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