New Formula Dual Crown Enduro Fork Will be Lighter Than Some Single Crowns

Photo: Mountain Bike Connection – Rupert Fowler

Instead of jumping on the 38mm enduro-fork-train like most MTB suspension brands, the Italian engineers at Formula have decided to add rigidity to their 35mm stanchion platform with a second crown.

While it looks like a shrunken DH fork, this new offering is fully designed with enduro racing in mind. The primary difference between this and a DH fork is that it has a lockout that fully blocks the hydraulic system for climbing. As enduro bikes slither closer to “pedalable DH bikes” Formula seems to be following along. The 180mm of travel can be matched with a wide variety of frames by sliding the shiny black tubes higher or lower to match the axle-to-crown length of a single-crown fork.

The stanchion bumpers will keep your frame and fork looking sharp.

The fork’s 35mm stanchions are well supported where it counts, right at the cockpit, providing a different kind of stiffness than a single-crown enduro fork with 38mm stanchions. The long black tubes seem to offer a similar level of precise steering on rough tracks at speed, while not creating a front end that’s so stiff at the wheel that traction becomes compromised. The model pictured here is a prototype, and we will have a full review of the fork as soon as production models are available. For now, I’ll just say that the fork was a blast to rip a few descents on, feeling every bit as sensitive and supportive as the other forks I’ve tested from Formula.

The internals for this new dual-crown are similar to those in the Formula Selva R, with two infinitely tunable air chambers, the ability to add multiple volume spacers, and a host of different tunes on the damper side that can be swapped in minutes.

If you’re looking at this fork thinking “but what about tight turns,” you’re not alone. Like Trek’s Knock Block, the dual-crown does prevent the fork from turning at a certain point. Riders who mount it up will likely need to perfect their nose-press skills, and anyone racing enduro has likely already grown comfortable with some front-wheel weighting. Another upside of the dual crown is that you never have to straighten your stem and bars since the crowns do it for you.

We will share any availability and pricing info for this new fork as soon as it’s available.

Formula also gave their single crown forks a fresh crown, now with a 37mm offset for 27.5″ wheels and a 44mm offset for 29ers.

Last but by no means least, Formula has redesigned their popular Cura 4 brake levers to add both reach and bite adjustments on the stock model. There is also a race version called Cura X, with a carbon lever blade, titanium hardware, and lighter-weight pad plates.

What do you think? Are you ready to mount a dual crown fork on your enduro race bike? Let us know in the comments below.

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