The Club Ride Detour is a Sunday’s Best Jersey for Dirt Church

Photo: Club Ride

Surprisingly, the Club Ride Detour is a jersey, meant for mountain biking. It’s easily passable for a required button-up at a barbecue, a very touchable shirt for a first date, or “good enough for family pictures,” according to a review by a buyer on their website.

The bulk of Club Ride’s tops are like this. The Detour uses some Western inspiration for the patterns and functionality, found in the pearl snap buttons and plaid patterns. The fabric is made from a 4-way stretch material with sun-blocking properties and a mesh panel that runs from under the pits down to the hips.

On-the-bike touches include a small lens wipe, a rear zippered pocket for a credit card or energy gel, and a reflective accent. Perhaps the best thing about the Club Ride jerseys though is how light they feel on a hot day’s ride. It’s distinct from thicker and sportier jerseys commonly found on the trail.

Club Ride has new colors of the Detour in stock. For the cut they use a comfort fit, which feels looser and a little bigger than the similar New West shirt which is a sport fit. The Detour costs $90. Check out their website for the full run.