Sugoi Zap Split Finger Glove Review

Pogies are a popular solution to the problem of cold hands when fat biking. However, having big sacks of windproof fabric covering your handlebars isn’t exactly a lightweight, elegant solution, and frankly, some pogies can be expensive and not user-friendly. If you want to simply stick with a tried-and-true pair of gloves, the Sugoi Zap Split Finger Gloves are a great solution.



The Zap features a split finger design which strikes a balance between the warmth of a full mitten and the dexterity of a five-finger glove. The Zaps also include a reflective back panel on the back of the hand for extra visibility, a pre-curved design for an ergonomic handlebar interface, and 100g of Thinsulate insulation.


Out on the Trail

The split finger design of the Zap can take a little getting used to at first. If you previously had your brakes setup for a one-finger brake pull, you’ll need to move your brakes to allow you to easily place two fingers on the lever. Coincidentally, the way the brakes were setup on the fat bike I was reviewing, the position was perfect for just such a two-finger pull.


Besides forcing you to adjust how you brake, the Zaps worked superbly with the rest of the controls on the bike. The grippy palm provided plenty of purchase on the grips, the thumb wasn’t too bulky for shifting, and generally the glove provided a very low-profile feel. The narrow opening and the velcro closure strap added to this low profile feeling, and made it easy to slip the glove opening under the cuffs of all the jackets I tested–not an easy feat with winter gloves.


While the feel of the glove was low profile, the warmth and the windproofness belied its minimal weight and profile. Seriously, the Zaps were warm and toasty during all of my tests. While they might not stand up to bitter-cold arctic blasts in Alaska, for most of my fat biking, which generally doesn’t drop below the teens, these gloves are more than adequate–and way cheaper and lighter than pogies to boot.

MSRP: $75, but currently on sale for $46

Thanks to Sugoi for providing the Zap Split Finger gloves for review.