Strap an Extra Bottle on With the AUX Cage from Granite Designs

Not all MTB frame designs or sizes allow space for a water bottle, and those frame owners still want to hydrate without carrying a pack. Granite Designs has a new bottle cage, called AUX, that can be strapped to nearly any tube. Whether you need a single bottle position or want to add a few water sloshers for longer adventures, this seems a good way to do it for only $20.99. The cage alone is said to weigh 23 grams.

The AUX cage can be mounted to the usual pair of bolts, or strapped to any available frame tube with the brand’s strap kit that kicks the price up to $27.99. The kit includes a silicone base to provide grip and paint protection, and the velcro straps are silicone-lined for the same reason.

Head over to Granite Design for additional info.

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