Store Bikes Securely With the New RockyMounts Wall Ride, Starting at $40

Back when “bikers” in films wore leather and rode four-stroke choppers, there were frequent scenes where someone would clumsily knock over a row of Harleys in front of a dusty saloon. A needle would then skid across some record grooves and a raucous brawl would ensue. The same domino scene is possible with mountain bikes, so one way to avoid bar fights is to use a hanging system like the one pictured above.

RockyMounts enters the home bike storage game today with their WallRide hangers. The steel wall mount hangs your bike by the front or rear rim with a thermoplastic polyurethane stud that they claim won’t scratch the rim finish. The mounts are available à la carte, or with a heavy chain and lock for increased security. A black powder-coated WallRide hanger retails for $39.95, bumped up to $99.95 with the lock and chain. There is also a bead-blasted stainless version that retails for $59.95 alone or $149.95 with the additional safety chain.

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