Stompump’s Foot-Actuated Bike Pump Leaves Hands Free for Beer and Burritos

The folks at Stompump have developed a mountain bike tire inflator that uses foot power instead of arm power.

Barring a few exceptions, mountain bikers are not known for our brute arm strength. Thankfully, the folks at Stompump have developed a tire inflator that lets us save our chest and back muscles for bounding between rocks, instead of inflating tires.

The lightweight alloy Stompump weighs just 192 grams and easily fits in a pack, or straps to a water bottle mount. The pump will inflate tires up to 60psi, though its small body will take some time to get there. If you are looking for a pump to blast tubeless tire beads into place you will be better off with a standard floor pump or compressor.

The Stompump is dead simple. Spin the air chuck onto your valve, and stomp on the pump. Do product names get more descriptive than that?

Once you are finished with the pump you can wrap the hose around the body and depress the stompy-part to so that it is as compact as possible. In its most condensed form, the pump is roughly the size of a tennis ball.

To swap between Presta and Shrader valves, simply unscrew the air chuck and flip it over.

I have been stomping on the Stompump for some time now, with zero issues to report. Like any pump with a screw-on air chuck, you need to make sure that the core in your valve is tight, otherwise, you might unscrew the valve core when you unscrew the air chuck, which will release all of the precious air you just pumped.

Though the Stompump is marketed as a portable device, I have found it super useful to store in my car. It fits nicely in the pocket of the door, keeping it from getting tangled up in other gear, and I never have to pack a floor pump. It’s a bit heavier than any of my hand pumps, and I likely wouldn’t take it on a bikepacking trip, but it has made for a great inflator at the trailhead.

Stompump retails for $69.95, and can be purchased directly through the company’s website or from other online retailers.

We would like to thank Stompump for sending the foot inflater for review. 

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