Specialized ‘Made too Many” Bikes. Save up to $2,200 Thru Monday

Specialized is having a big sale on select mountain bikes that you can purchase online through Monday, Oct 10.

Specialized is offering big discounts on select bikes today and tomorrow, including popular eMTBs and kids bikes. Plus, get free shipping on Jetts and Riprocks. Now is definitely a good time to be a bike buyer.

Turbo Levo SL Comp

The Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp is part of a new class of lightweight electric mountain bikes that feel even more like traditional bikes. This bike takes much of its design and inspiration from the Stumpjumper, which is one of the brand’s most popular models.

Stumpjumper EVO frameset

The complete EVOs that are on sale are pretty much solid out, but Specialized still has frames available in most sizes. The upshot: You get to build your own using exactly the parts you want! The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO has more travel (150mm) than the ‘regular’ Stumpjumper, and this alloy frames should hold up on even the roughest trails.

Rockhopper 29

Got a friend or loved one you want to get into mountain biking? The Specialized Rockhopper 29 could be a good place to start. On sale it’s under 500 bucks, and buyers get (mechanical) disc brakes, 29er wheels, comfortable geo, and plenty of gears for hitting the trail.

Riprock and Riprock Expert 24

We tested the updated Riprock last year and well, it definitely rips. The standard Riprock is a lightweight and versatile kids bike while the Expert model adds a suspension for for more aggressive young riders. Get free shipping on these bikes in addition to the big discounts being offered.

Turbo Kenevo SL Comp

This is a big e-bike for riding big climbs and big descents. The Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL Comp mates 170mm of enduro suspension and 29er wheels with a 250W battery and 320Wh battery, resulting in a rowdy bike park in a bag. Or, upgrade to the carbon frame and get the Turbo Kenevo SL Expert while it’s on sale too ($8,249.99, normally $11,000).

Jett 20

The Specialized Jett 20 is available with gears or without, and during the sale it ships for free as well. Best of all, the cranks and handlebar are adjustable so the bike grows with kids, and then shrinks down again when it’s hand-me-down time.