Specialized Claims the S-Works 6 XC Shoes Are the Lightest MTB Shoes in the World


At just 270g per shoe, Specialized is claiming the new S-Works 6 XC shoes are the lightest mountain bike shoes in the world. Not only that, the company is claiming this is the most connected XC race shoe in the world, though it turns out they’re talking foot-to-shoe connection, not shoe-to-internet like I first imagined.

Specialized pulled out all the stops in designing the S-Works 6 XC shoes, borrowing a good bit of tech from the existing road version of the shoe. Weight saving features include titanium alloy cleat nuts, a dual Boa S2-Snap dial closure system, “ceramic printing for lightweight durability,” and the company’s lightest FACT carbon foot plate to date. Even the shoe’s outsole is carbon fiber.


Specialized is quick to note this shoe isn’t just about weight savings–it’s actually a super high performance MTB shoe, with incredible power transfer thanks to all that stiff carbon fiber. The Boa closure system adds to that efficiency, locking the rider’s foot in comfortably and minimizing wasted watts due to slippage.

While most of us can probably appreciate the all technology that’s gone into this shoe, it’s safe to say the S-Works 6 XC shoe is visually polarizing. There’s certainly a lot going on in terms of materials and finishes but hey, if the shoe wins races, that’s what really matters.

The new S-Works 6 XC mountain bike shoes are designed with cross country racing in mind, so these aren’t the shoes riders will want for their everyday rides. With a premium $400 USD price tag, these are sure to be race-day-only shoes for even the most elite competitors.