6 Cool Tools from Interbike 2016

You would think by now that humans would have perfected the multitool. After all, it’s just a bunch of allen wrenches and maybe a screwdriver. How hard can it be? But year after year, there are companies large and small showing off new tools–and ways to stash them. Here are a few that we spotted at this year’s show.

Fix It Sticks: $25 (includes tools & bracket)

The new mounting bracket for Fix It Sticks (photo: Helena Kotala)
The new mounting bracket for Fix It Sticks (photo: Helena Kotala)

The idea behind Fix It Sticks is dead simple. Two “sticks” are combined to create a T-handle wrench. At each end of the T, there is a different bit. The original design uses four, permanently-attached bits, but now the company offers a version with replaceable bits. Fix It Sticks will accept any 1/4″ bit, which makes them quite versatile.

(photo: Helena Kotala)
A mockup showing how the bracket mounts behind a water bottle (photo: Helena Kotala)

The real news here though, is a new mounting bracket. Instead of throwing your Fix It Sticks in your pack or jersey pocket, the company is offering a bracket that mounts behind your water bottle cage. The sticks snap tightly into the plastic bracket so your tools always stay with your bike.

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