SHRED Enters Mountain Bike Helmet Market with Cool Tech


SHRED is already well-known in the snow sports industry, and now they’re taking on mountain biking with a great-looking line of helmets packed with serious tech. The line includes two full face helmets (the Brain Box and Full Stack), an enduro-style mountain bike helmet called the Short Stack, and three skate-style helmets (the Bumper, Slam Stack, and Half Stack). The Slam Stack is notable for its crossover from the company’s snow sports line–in fact, SHRED calls this a “no season” helmet.

The blue honeycomb you see is the Slytech 2nd SKiN No Shock material.
The blue honeycomb you see is the Slytech 2nd SKiN No Shock material.

Most mountain bikers will be interested in the enduro-style Short Stack helmet. For starters, the Short Stack co-molds the company’s Slytech 2nd SKiN No Shock energy absorbing material with the EPS foam liner. As you can see in the video demonstration below, Slytech 2nd SKiN does a better job at damping sudden impact than more traditional materials, like D3O and polyurethane.  In fact, SHRED’s sister company Slytech uses the material extensively in their line of protective gear for mountain biking. The material is flexible, thin, and comfortable, while providing a high level of impact protection.

SHRED also features their own version of MIPS-style, concussion-reduction technology in the Short Stack helmet. The black and yellow dots in the photo below are soft and flexible, allowing the helmet to move somewhat independently of the wearer’s head in the event of a crash.


Finally, SHRED is including ICEdot stickers on all their helmets, allowing wearers to associate personal medical information with a secure PIN code. Note, this doesn’t mean the helmets have an actual ICEdot Crash Sensor integrated into the helmet like I first assumed. Also, while ICEdot will keep your info on file for a year for free, the service costs $10 a year to continue. Of course there’s no guarantee that emergency responders even know to look for the ICEdot PIN code, so I’m personally not sold on the utility of this feature.

Free ICEdot stickers!
Free ICEdot stickers!

The SHRED Short Stack helmet is available for $159.99 USD online and is offered in six colorways.

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