Schwalbe Procore Dual-Chambered MTB Tire and Updated Nobby Nics


Schwalbe’s Procore system is a dual-chambered tire intended for maximum effort downhill and enduro applications. The dual chambers mean you can run 20psi in the outer chamber for maximum performance, without fear of the tire burping or getting snake bites. Unless an actual snake tries to eat it, that is. There’s no way for Schwalbe to prevent that.


The Procore system isn’t cheap, nor is it light. You’ll pick up about 200g per wheel for the system plus the weight of whatever outer tire you use. I heard rumors of street prices in the $250 range. Per tire. That number is speculation, though. As Schwalbe says on their page, “We have given only a few information to the press, yet.” We don’t actually know.

The Procore system is mostly a rumor at this point, but Schwalbe will have it ready for consumption sooner or later.


Schwalbe is also excited about their newest generation of the Nobby Nic. They added more knobs for grip and beefed up the sidewall to prevent against tears. These improvements are intended to help the tire be more of an all-around solution for a bike that gets ridden lots of ways.

The sidewall protection comes at a bit of a weight cost, which means you probably won’t see XC pros racing on it, but it’s also cheaper than the superfast tires. And, to top it off, the tire is tubeless-ready and comes in 26, 27.5, and 29er options. The new Nobby Nic will ship this fall, and is likely to replace the current version.

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