Review: Loaded Precision AMXC Stem

Continuing on their quest to manufacture parts that are durable, lightweight, and affordable, Loaded Precision offers a stem in their AMXC line of cockpit components.


The AMXC stem features the same refined CNC machining as the X-lite seatpost, but steps it up a notch in the beefiness department. It too is forged from a single piece of aluminum stock and then machined to shave off excess material everywhere possible, without compromising strength. The result is a sturdy stem weighing in at a respectable 133 grams.

Available lengths are 70, 85, and 100mm, and all three sport a 31.8 bar clamp diameter and 6° of rise (or drop, if you flip it). The AMXC stem lists for $79.99 and comes in seven colors to match or accent your frame colors and bling things up a little.


Installation is a breeze, with all six bolts using the same size hex wrench, which is not true of all stems. In my case, the stack height of the AMXC was 5mm shorter than the stock Giant one, so if you’re ordering this stem, it would be a good idea to also grab the Loaded Precision spacer kit. The kit is $29.99, and they are CNC machined to be insanely light while providing as much or more strength than the stock spacers, and the available colors and laser-etched logos look just as sharp as they do on the rest of their aluminum products.

One minor note: even though the 85mm stem has room for the baseplate of my cycling computer, it is tapered in such a way that it can’t be installed there. I moved it to the handlebar, but I really liked it on the stem, so I may look into getting a stem cap mount.

This is a good place to drop a reminder that if you are installing a stem with carbon bars, it’s imperative that you use a proper torque wrench in order to prevent over-tightening the stem clamp and possibly having a future ride end very badly.

Out on the Trail

Out on the trail, the AMXC stem is strong! In the past, I have used some cheaper stems that would creak under heavy strain and it always made me a little nervous. This stem has exhibited no creaking or play whatsoever, no matter how hard I reef on the bars.

If you’re in the market for a new stem, and if you want light weight and solid performance without breaking the bank, then definitely check out the AMXC line from Loaded Precision.

Thanks to Loaded Precision for sending over the AMXC Stem and X-lite spacer kit for review!