Review: Loaded Precision AMXC NoSlip Grips

What do you get when guys from a mountain bike components company go riding with NASA engineers? You end up with a set of grips with a space age rubber compound so tacky, you’ll feel like your hands are glued to them.


The Loaded Precision AMXC NoSlip grips employ a proprietary rubber compound that is slightly sticky in its natural state, and gets even tackier when it gets wet from sweat or rain.

In addition to the rubber compound, the overall construction of the NoSlip grips exudes quality. They are a lock-on design featuring a CNC-machined clamp at both ends, rather than just at the inside like some other brands. The outer end also sports an integrated alloy end cap rather than the more common rubber plug. Even with all of this over-engineered durability, the grips still come in at a respectable 118 grams for the pair.

On The Bike

In everyday use, the NoSlip grips are in fact NO SLIP! I have ridden them in rain, heat (sweat), and with and without gloves, and in every case they have remained tacky and have provided the surest grip I have ever felt with any grips I have ever tried.

The forged alloy end caps, while awesome for providing the ultimate protection for your bar ends in the event of laying the bike down, will scratch the crap out of your car. This is assuming that you are coming from soft-ended grips and have gotten in the habit of leaning your bike against the car. Also, when getting the bike out of the rack in the garage, they can do even worse damage to your wife’s black SUV… to use a totally random example that probably never happened in real life. The point being, keep these grips away from any and all painted surfaces.

While the rubber compound of these grips is amazingly tacky, it lacks in the padding department. My first few rides on them were on trails with sustained technical downhill sections and resulted in some pretty significant hand fatigue. I have since gotten some new gloves which helped considerably, but overall these do not have as much padding as I would like. Loaded Precision offers the Pistol Grip model with the same alloy construction, but a more forgiving rubber compound, so you can decide which you need more: secure contact or softer padding.

Bottom Line

The AMXC NoSlip grips are amazingly well-built and light, especially considering the $29.99 price tag. The rubber compound performs exactly as advertised, so if your riding style demands a sure grip and complete control above all else, then these are the grips for you!

Thanks to Loaded Precision for sending over the AMXC NoSlip Grips for review!