Review: Funkier Apparel Copper-Infused Socks

While socks are definitely not the blingiest piece of cycling gear, almost every cyclist in the world wears them, so they are pretty important.

One of the biggest issues with socks is the stench after sweating in them for hours (or days) on end. Several brands have tried different techniques for stink mitigation, with bamboo threads being the most popular, but Funkier has gone a totally different direction by weaving copper threads into their sock fabric. The socks are created in collaboration with another Israeli company, Cupron, and you can read about the science behind copper vs stinky germs here.

For a somewhat unscientific approach, I decided to wear the socks on every ride for about three months. Oh, and I didn’t wash them in between. I don’t have the stinkiest feet in the world, but I fully expected this shameless abuse to overwhelm the copper anti-stink. Nope. They were still fine even after all that.

Smell aside, these are also nicely-fitted, very comfortable cycling socks for the frequent rider. As with all Funkier gear, the stitching and seams are flat and unobtrusive. Additionally, these socks feature reinforced padding under the foot and thinner, ventilated fabric on top. They are similar in construction to running socks and are well-suited to long days on the pedals.

These have been washed once since last December.

While at $20 these are double the price of some other sock brands, they are definitely a solid investment in the gear department. The durability and construction are top notch. The extra padding and vented top add to the value, and the infused copper threads aren’t just hype, but really do work as advertised.

Thanks to the folks at Funkier for sending over the Copper Knitted Socks for review.

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