PNW Will Refurbish Dropper Posts to Give Them a Second Life

PNW Components will be refurbishing and reselling bicycle dropper posts.

PNW Components, makers of the popular Rainier and Bachelor dropper posts, have started a program to refurbish and resell used dropper posts.

PNW Cycled will offer previously used or blemished posts for sale, and allow customers to trade in their older PNW dropper posts for credit toward a new post. The program extends the life of dropper posts and potentially reduces waste.

“A blemished product is not a dead product, and more importantly, it certainly isn’t trash,” said Emily Kerson, co-founder of PNW Components. “As we delve into our 2020 sustainability goals, we wanted to create a way to safely reuse, recycle, and give blmeished products a second chance.”

All posts under the program will be certified by PNW staff mechanics and covered under a one year warranty. Availability will fluctuate based on what’s in stock and PNW Cycled components won’t be eligible for return or refund, although they can be exchanged for different products through PNW with a credit, if the desired exchange item isn’t available.

If customers are interested in exchanging their used PNW dropper post for a new one, they will receive a 20% discount on a new PNW Components post.

For more information, check out the new PNW Cycled website.

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