Oveja Negra Gearjammer Seat Bag Review

The Gearjammer is Oveja Negra's take on the classic seat bag--a must-have for any and every bikepacker.

The Gearjammer is Oveja Negra’s take on the classic seat bag–a must-have for any and every bikepacker.

Made right here in my hometown of Salida, Colorado, the Gearjammer is available in two sizes: medium for $125 and large for $130. Here are the official specs, straight from Oveja Negra:

  • Roll-Top design allows for variable volume packing
  • Exterior compression straps (x2 sides, x1 top/bottom) for unparalleled compression and load stablization
  • HDPE frame sheet retains the shape of the pack and distributes the load
  • Bomb-Proof 2″ die-cut and welded hook & loop seat post attachment strap
  • Gear Loops on underside of pack offer increased carrying capacity
  • Superfabric® Grip™ provides a durable and highly stable contact point along the seat post
  • Nexus® cam-locking buckles secure the bag to your seat rails
  • High density foam stiffened side panel keeps the load tucked away from your legs
  • 1050 Ballistic Nylon seat rail attachment point and wear patch
  • X-Pac® VX21/VX42 laminated waterproof main body fabrics
  • Mil-Spec webbing/binding
  • Weight Medium: 12.2 oz.  Large: 12.6 oz.
  • Capacity Medium: 4-10 liters Large 6-12 liters

Out on the Trail

Rider: Greg Heil. Photo: Neil Beltchenko.

The Gearjammer seems simple enough to pack and load, yet a little practice goes a long ways toward loading this bag well. The roll top design combined with the compression straps allow you to use the Gearjammer as a compression sack for your sleeping bag, clothes, and sleep system–a strategy recommended by record-setting bikepacker Neil Beltchenko.

I chose to pack the Gearjammer with gear that I knew I wouldn’t need until camp, to avoid having to open the bag on the trail. At least, I did so after my first day of bikepacking, learning this lesson the hard way. While I like keeping my sleeping bag and sleep system in my handlebar roll, the Gearjammer became the home of my cookware, extra warm layers, and some food that I wouldn’t need immediate access to.

The compression system did a superb job, turning what could be a sloppy bag into a compact package. The mounting system performed admirably too, with very little swaying even with a lot of weight in the bag. At times I did have difficulty slipping the buckles over the saddle rails and getting them clipped into place, but once the buckles were fastened the bag was easy to cinch down tightly. The gripper that connects with the seatpost also did a fantastic job of stabilizing the bag and preventing any slippage.

Oveja Negra specifically designed the Gearjammer to offer a simple, durable design, shirking any extra attachment points or webbing that could tear or break. While I’m a big fan of durability, I found myself wishing for an easy way to attach things like a rain jacket to the top of the bag. This seems like a common sense spot to store gear for easy access, but the Gearjammer doesn’t offer an easy way to attach gear in that spot.

Finish Line

The Gearjammer provided plenty of storage space, great compression, and a sway-free ride. While I did wish for extra attachment points for gear access during the ride, the Gearjammer has been absolutely bombproof–so perhaps Oveja Negra’s bias towards durability and simplicity has paid off!

Thanks to Oveja Negra for providing the Gearjammer for review.

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