OneUp Announces Shortest, Long-Travel MTB Dropper Post, Prices Start at $199

The OneUp dropper post offers up to 170mm of travel at an affordable price and in a relatively short, compact package.

photos: OneUp

Mountain bikers are demanding longer travel from their dropper posts these days, but many bike frames simply don’t offer enough room to expand. OneUp just announced a new dropper they claim is “the world’s shortest, long-travel dropper post” with 150mm or 170mm of travel. Not only that, the OneUp posts feature travel adjustment so riders can get just the right amount of drop.

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OneUp says the 170mm dropper post has a stack height (seatpost collar to saddle rail) of 207mm and an effective length of 450mm, which should make it work with many bikes currently running 150mm or even 125mm posts. The 150mm version has a 187mm stack height and a 410mm effective length.

Shim in white.

Riders can tune the amount of travel by up to 50mm using shims. This means the 170mm post can be set with anywhere between 120mm and 170mm of dropper post travel.

The cable-actuated dropper post is being offered in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters and is internally-routed. OneUp has three different remote options–I-Spec-II, MatchMaker, or bar clamp–and the $248 MSRP includes the remote. (Buyers who already own a cable-actuated remote can purchase the dropper post by itself for $199.) Weights start at 595g which includes the post, remote, housing, and cable.

Buy it: $199 MSRP, available at JensonUSA or Compare Prices