Earlier this morning we published a quick news post about the new Rocky Mountain Blizzard, which featured a teaser of the new RockShox Bluto RL fat bike suspension fork. Now, we have official details on the fork!

Most interestingly, the Bluto will be available in 80, 100, and 120mm travel options. This will prove to be quite versatile, and will serve riders across a wide cross country/trail spectrum.

The Bluto also features a tapered steerer tube, 51mm offset, 15×150 Maxle Lite through axle, a Solo Air spring, and a crown or remote (PushLoc) compression to lockout rebound adjustment. The maximum tire size is 4.8in, and it’s available in Black, White (OE only), and Diffusion Black (OE only).

The target fork weight is 3.96lbs (1796g) with an MSRP of $643, or $711 with the bar-mounted remote lockout.

Check out the rest of these detail shots:

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  • delphinide

    Wow, I woke up this morning and thought I’d died and gone to fat bikin’ heaven! Finally Rockshox…after months of rumors and speculation, you delivered the goods…and took the proper time to analyze what riders need and make a very affordable fork to accomodate almost any fatty rider. Plus, that is a really light fork at under 4lbs. Great job…can’t wait to try one. I didn’t think I needed a fork until I recently flipped my fatbike going about 20mph on a relatively easy section of trail littered with some baby heads…but I was wearing flats, and my pedal struck a rock anchored in the ground, changed my line into another, larger rock, and I went over bars violently. My rigid carbon fork has been great, but it just didn’t allow me to absorb any of that impact and I went sailing. It was a surprise to say the least. I jacked my shoulder but fortunately a few cacti broke my fall. Worst part is I scratched my fork, and my Niner RDO bar—so much so that I now need to replace the latter. $$$. So, yeah, suspension is good if you ride fat bikes as hard as I do. 🙂

    • Greg Heil

      Speaking of suspension, I have another interesting news piece that I need to write up quick… stay tuned…

  • dgaddis

    I wonder if SRAM tested these in really cold temperatures? They didn’t their road discs and then had to recall them all when CX racers had their brakes failing in cold races.

    Kidding aside, will most suspended fatbikers be riding dirt or snow? Seems like with snow a rigid would work well enough.

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