New Sombrio Shovel Hardtail is an Affordable First or Second Steed

The Sombrio Shovel looks to be a sweet entry-level mountain bike for new riders or a second steed for folks who want to party on a hardtail occasionally.

Some affordable bikes are sold with upgrades in mind, while others are intended to remain the bike they were born. The new Shovel from Sombrio looks to fit the latter intention, with a 10 x 141mm axle that riders won’t easily find an upgraded wheel for, and a square-taper bottom bracket. This looks to be a sweet entry-level bike for new riders or a second steed for folks who want to party on a hardtail occasionally.

The Shovel is an aluminum hardtail with a 140mm fork, 27.5″ wheels, and a 9- or 10-speed drivetrain depending on which build you choose. The top build includes a dropper post for a total price of $1,299.99, and the least expensive build retails for $729.99 with a rigid post.

Reach numbers across the three frame sizes are 430, 450, and 470mm, paired with short 430mm chain stays and a deep 50mm BB drop across the board. The headtube angle is a nice 66° to keep riders on the right side of the handlebars, and the slacker 74° seat tube angle extends the bike’s effective top tube which should make the bike feel roomier for taller riders. With average seat tube lengths, some riders would be able to size up if they want to try a longer frame.

The bike is only available for purchase through local dealers, which appear to be somewhat limited given that Sombrio has heretofore been known for their line of mountain bike clothing. Head over to the Sombrio site for additional details.

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