PNW Components Adds 35mm Option to the Range Handlebar and Stem

There's a spankin' new PNW Range Handlebar with a 31.8mm or 35mm clamping surface, so riders can choose the weight and flex they prefer. It's also lighter than the Gen2 model.

All of the subtle curves in a handlebar can make meaningful differences in the reach of a bike, its stack height, rider hand and wrist fatigue, traction, and a wave of other key characteristics that we feel out on the trail. If your control center simply isn’t feeling great you may want to try a handlebar with some different angles, and this latest Range Handlebar from PNW Components offers that swap for just $69.99.

This precision-shaped aluminum stick from PNW is 800mm wide, with 30mm of rise, a 10° upsweep, and a 5° backsweep. So the angles and rise on this new bar are the same as the Gen2 Range, but PNW says that sliding the width out from 780mm to 800mm allowed them to remove unnecessary material, dropping a reported 25g from the tube.

A spankin’ new Range Handlebar comes in a 31.8mm or 35mm clamping surface, so you can choose the weight and flex you prefer. Don’t want to roll with the industry-standard bandwagon? Well with this bar you won’t have to.

An updated Range Stem accompanies the new bar, with both clamp sizes to accommodate rider preferences. It’s made of CNC’s 6061 alloy, weighing a reported 40g less than the previous iteration. The stem comes in 40 and 50mm lengths, with a straight 0° rise. The Range Stem retails for $79.99.

These components should be ready to ship in August. Head over to PNW Components for additional info.

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