New Endura MT500 MTB Shoes Complete the Head to Toe Trail Kit [First Look]

Endura just released new trail shoes for mountain biking. Here's an early look at the Endura MT500 Burner flat pedal shoe.

Scottish brand Endura has four new trail shoes on offer today, completing their apparel line from skull to toe protection. As you might expect, their footwear debut includes two pairs of flats and a clipless option, all in a range of colors to match their other gear.

I have been pedaling in the new MT500 Burner flats a few times now, and so far I’m stoked on the performance they offer. The sole stiffness is on par with other race-oriented flats, and the grip that sole provides is also in line with some of the best in the business.

The Humvee is a basic flat, intended to stride unnoticed through the bar before or after the trail, where the added ankle and toe protection and cinching strap on the MT500 give it a more serious look and intention. We will have a full review of both of these flat pedal shoes soon. For now, we can report that the MT500 Burner model is super comfortable and notably warm for these winter months.

A pair of MT500 Burner Clipless pedals are super similar to the flats, with an appropriately rearward cleat channel for gravity cleat placement. Added protection all around the upper will protect riders from the frame and whatever the front wheel’s flingin’, and all that padding also makes for a cozy home inside.

A pair of Humvee shoes retail for $119.99, MT500 Burner flats for $149.99, and MT500 clips go for $159.99. Click over to the Endura site for additional info.