Re-Waterproof Your Jackets and Pants With Endura’s Re-Proofer [Review]

The best way humans can reduce waste is likely to buy less stuff in the first place. When our waterproof gear starts to leak it can seem useless and in need of replacement, but with products like Endura’s Re-Proofer, the material may well keep you dry once more. Re-Proofer is PFC-free to reduce the amount of plastics that end up washing downstream.

I recently tested this wonder elixir on a pile of waterproof gear and was stoked with the results. In the past, I’ve used Nikwax to re-up the waterproof layer on garments, and I’m happy to say that this stuff works as well or better than the old standby. Simply wash the garment and then apply Re-Proofer while the material is still wet. Poof, it’s waterproof.

This is one of my favorite jackets, and Re-Proofer brought it back to full rain-life.

The Endura Re-Proofer is said to work on any material or product, so I added some non-waterproof gear to the mix for good measure. While it likely won’t waterproof porous cotton clothes, it did the job on synthetics like the Maloja gilet that I recently reviewed. I have since ridden in all of the Re-Proofer-ed garments, and each of them is as good at repelling water as the day it was new. Even the garments that weren’t originally waterproof repel water fairly well, which is a welcome addition since I’m about to move back to the Pacific Northwest where it’s often wet.

To be sure this stuff works on longer and sloppier rides. I picked a restaurant located an hour across town and went for a walk in the pouring rain with a Re-Proofered jacket that had previously lost its waterproof capability. The only places that soaked through were at the zipper and a few small spots on the shoulders where the seams are stretched. Likely nothing can block those holes, and my jacket worked well enough that I’m happy to keep it and Re-Proofer it for a few more seasons.

Head over to the Endura page to pick up a bottle before the wet season begins in earnest.