New $529 Ibis Blackbird Send Alloy Wheels Claim to Eliminate Pinch Flats

Ibis Cycles has created a new rim profile that they claim will eliminate pinch flats. That’s quite a bold statement. With sidewall tears causing far fewer problems than they did a few years back, the dreaded “snakebite” is one of the few reasons most riders carry a tube today. They also employed the Stan’s BST patent with these rims to ensure a solid tire lock.

The reported cut in punch flats is largely attributed to the larger surface on the top of the bead wall. The Blackbird Send aluminum alloy wheels have a wide 35mm internal measurement, and a 44mm external span, leaving a fatter 4.5mm per side for the tire to contact on impact. The idea is that the blunter edge will cut through fewer casings, ruining fewer rides.

In addition to their wider bead wall, Ibis has added internal bracing near the bead for the rear Send II rim to prevent dented rims whenever possible. The profile illustrations below show the difference between the two rim designs, with and without the added support. Those braces are said to increase rear rim weight by 45g.

The new Ibis Blackbird Send wheels are available in 27.5″ and 29″ diameters, weigh a reported 1939g and 2060g respectively, and either size retails for $529. Rims alone retail for $99. The sets use Ibis branded hubs, with four pawls and 36 teeth for 10° of engagement. That’s a little more obtuse engagement than we’re seeing with most other hubs, but the majority of new wheel brands are using Industry Nine hubs, where engagement is a primary selling feature. Finally, 32 Sapim D-Lite spokes laced three-cross hold the party together front and rear.

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