Nalini Phantom Green SS Jersey Review

nalini jersey in action

I’m always happy to test out new jerseys, so I was excited to get the offer from Nalini to test their Phantom Green SS jersey. Nalini is Italian, and there’s just something about Italian-made cycling clothing or equipment that makes you feel a little bit more legit when you’re out there pushing the pedals. I’ve owned a lot of Italian products throughout the years, and you know that anything Italian is going to look good.

The Italian version of the Nalini web page is pretty cool. The black and white photo of the soaking-wet racers charging down the cobble stones captures the joy and suffering of the sport. I included the link in case you want to play a little game of “Breaking Away.” Here’s the link to the US page, which actually contains a lot more information.

We didn’t have much of a winter here in Northern Wisconsin, as snowfall has been well below average. The temperatures have also been higher than normal, but it still hasn’t been warm enough to ride in just a jersey. That being the case, I’ve been wearing my Nalini jersey as a base layer, just to see how it felt against the skin. Only recently did it get warm enough where I was able to do a ride with the jersey on the outside and get some photos.

Note: in the above photo I am wearing a long sleeved thermal underneath the jersey because the thermometer is still hovering around freezing.

The jersey is a relaxed fit made from comfortable, durable material with effective wicking properties. I did not have any of the chaffing problems you sometimes get with low quality jerseys. This is definitely not a race fit jersey, as the sleeves hang loose around your arms.

One feature that I especially liked was the patch of ventilation material used under each arm pit and under-sleeve. This material is an almost transparent mesh, but it’s just as soft and comfortable as the rest of the jersey. There are two rather than three pockets, but I found myself preferring the change because two large pockets are easier for storing and extracting items.

jersey alone

My personal preference is for a full-length zipper, but the 25cm zipper is effective enough. The anti-abrasive fabric makes this a good choice for an all around performer.

I tend to be XL, and the fit for this jersey was what I expected it to be. You have to be especially considerate of sizing when you’re buying European made clothing, so I was actually pleasantly surprised that the XL fit. Here is a link to the sizing chart. If you are at all in doubt about what to order, I’d recommend going a size larger than normal.

I always cold wash and avoid the dryer with my jerseys to prolong their life, and this one has held up well after being in the washing machine for several cycles. Like other jerseys, the wicking material means this hang dries completely in a couple hours.

nalini jersey in action 2


The Nalini Phantom Green SS is a well-made, functional, attractive jersey. I liked the relaxed fit and the feel of the fabric. It dries quickly, holds up to washing, and is durable enough to ride through the brambles without getting torn to pieces. This is a good all-round jersey if you’re looking for something effective for both long rides and racing.

MSRP: $109 USD

Thanks to Nalini for providing the Phantom Green SS Jersey for review.